Adidas Sneakers made from Ocean waste (trash) are a big Hit

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I always love to hear encouraging and positive news related to the environment.  Most of time, we hear the news, which are very disturbing and creates panic. Today, I decided to share this news with you all that the Addidas Sneakers shown above are made with the Ocean waste (trash). After seeing these sneakers, you will not find any compromise on the style, they are as good looking shoes as are the other new shoes. 

To create these sneakers, Adidas collaborated with an Ocean Conversation organization "Parley for the Ocean". Due to the constant dumping of plastic waste in the oceans, our oceans may not survive for long. Today, the time has come when we should work in this direction to clean our oceans from plastic and other waste. This is a very encouraging and motivating move by Adidas to bring such shoes in the market. 

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Adidas X Parley Sneakers 

We can hope that in the future more industries will launch such innovative products which are stylish and simultaneously helping us to clean our environment. At present, these shoes were made in limited edition and in 2017, Adidas plans to make 1 million such shoes with the Parley Ocean plastic. The cost of these shoes is $ 200. If we want to see a cleaner world, then we need to focus on the recycled products so that we can decrease the ever increasing plastic waste from earth. 

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