Why we forget to appreciate small things as we grow?

As we grow older, we start forgetting enjoyment stored in smaller and economical things. We start giving more importance to expensive things and try to find happiness in them. Whereas small children do the reverse, they appreciate even the smallest things in life and feel thankful to the person who provided them these things.

Today, I bought my 3 year old son a 10 rupees ice cream. He enjoyed the ice cream very much and thanked me at least 10 times. Even I myself and others in the family didn't find anything special in it. On the other hand, I have seen many people spending thousands of rupees and still not getting this satisfaction.

The main reason behind it is that as small things become easily available to us, soon we lose attraction for them. We start chasing more expensive and difficult things and in this race, we forget to appreciate small-2 beautiful things of life.

When we follow this attitude, then with time, we became a person who has very less things to appreciate in life. We completely forget to appreciate small things easily available in life. Due to this approach, our life becomes a miserable journey with no enjoyment and liveness.

This is the reason why children enjoy life so much without having much, whereas many rich people live an unhappy life. Children remain happy because they know to enjoy even the smallest things offered by life. We can also make our life happier by again starting to enjoy the small things.

Happiness doesn't depend on money or other expensive things and no one is so poor that he can't afford happiness. We all can buy happiness by appreciating small things easily available to us.

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