Now Find Your Lost Android Phone with Google Search by Typing "Find My Phone"

Find My Phone, Google Search
Now there is a good news for all Android phone users that they can track their mobile by just typing "Find My Phone" on the Google search. As you type this key word in a Google search, soon you see a small window in Google Search with the name of "Find Your Phone".

On the right side you see information of your registered phone or phones with Google. This search finds the mobile phone with the help of Google accounts and it will only find your android phone if it is registered with the same Google account.

To find a specific phone or phone of someone other, you need to log in again in Google search with the Google Account which is associated with specific mobile. If a phone does not have a Google account or any working Google application in it; then it can't be found with this search.
Find Your Phone. Mobile, Google Search
Find Your Phone

In general, this free service is very good offer by Google and anyone can find his android phone easily with it. With this service, we can track the location of the mobile, make phone to ring, Lock remotely the mobile and even remotely erase all data from it.

We can already find a similar kind of service from the Apple which help iPhone users to track their phones and they can also lock the device and erase the data remotely.

Google's this service for Android users is also similar to it; however, it is much easier than the Apple service.

How to use this service-

Step 1 Open Google Search (open it with your Google account)
Step 2  Type "Find my phone"
Step 3  Wait for Android Device Manager to open (As shown in the picture above)

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