Strong Leadership Vs Media Promoted Leadership

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Recently, a strong leader from Singapore died and the whole of the world felt grief on this death. He was a clear example of True and strong who took his country to new heights. We hardly see such True leaders in present world who do everything to uplift their country and people. 

Today, we see media promoted or opportunistic leaders who sell dreams to people, but at this end only use people to complete their own dreams. Media has big power in his hands because of its huge reach. Therefore, many people use the media to present their image as a strong leader.

We start believing what is told to us by the media and cast our votes accordingly. There are many media houses, news channels and newspapers controlled by politicians or big businessmen. Therefore, some of these media channels are used to promote leaders which suit them.

Due to this reason, we see many unworthy people coming to power and causing harm to the nation. This situation is very much present in many nations of the world where such media promoted leaders are controlling the nation.

Only those countries can progress in the world where we can find true and strong leadership. Singapore presents a clear example in front of us. When leaders put their own interests first before the interests of the country, then they cause big harm to the nation.

It is important for us to clean media and make it independent in the true sense, so that they only promote the right people and not just run behind TRPs. It is also important for a media house to not work biased or favor some special people only.

A strong leader helps the whole nation and we see a great transformation in that nation. If we want our country to grow, then we must support the a true and strong leader and not the one which is promoted by the media. 
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