Who can forgive me?

Sometimes, in life we find ourselves in very strange situations where we find it very difficult to get some answers. One of such answer which many people search in this world is who can forgive them. In life, we all take number of decisions and steps where we do not have any clear idea of what is right for us. Therefore, we take decisions depending on few facts and perceptions.

We never know exactly in these situations that we are taking the right decision or not, therefore, a guilt of may have taken a wrong decision haunt us for whole life. In these kinds of situations, we find ourselves in very helpless position because we mostly do not know where we can find our answers. These kinds of the situations are very often faced by people who give lot of importance to emotions than the logics.

Many times, we also have straight logics available in front of us still our mind tells us to believe something else. These are really very complex situations, though they are simultaneously no situations at all because they are created by our emotional guilt. These situations even become more difficult when we realise at later stage that we have taken a wrong decisions and have hurt the feelings of some other person.

This dilemma leads to a situation of confusion and we ask this question from ourselves that who can forgive us? This uncertainty can be very fatal and can even cause lot of damage to person. Therefore, best solution available in this kind of situation is accepting the law of karma and taking decisions best as per law of karma.

Later in life, even if these decisions become wrong still we should not worry about this outcome because we took a best decision in past as per the law of Karma (as told in Srimad Bhagwad Gita). In life, we can never become 100% sure about a decision; therefore, we have to take some calculated risks.
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