Huge cost of Armies

There are more than hundred countries in this world and every country has its own armies. Armies are mostly made up of the strongest people from these countries those are provided with latest weapons. Every country wants their army to be among the strongest armies in the world.

Therefore, there are many countries in our world which spend at the tune of 20% to 30% of their GDP on holding these big armies and in certain war and terrorism effected countries cost of armies even go beyond this range. If we calculate the cost of all armies of the world then it will come out in many-many billions.

If we wisely calculate then this money is enough for giving food, clothes and shelter to every needy person on earth and if we do this then no one will die on this earth due to the shortage of food, clothes and shelter. However our hatred and distrust on each other is not allowing this to happen. We are busy in creating new weapons of mass destruction which can destroy earth many times. We are busy in making our nations better than rest of the world. We are not interested in making this world a better place for every person of this world.

I do agree that armies have given us lot in return like providing help in calamities, saving us from enemies etc; however still we can easily reduce lot of unnecessary wastage of money on them. By this small effort if taken by all countries, we can easily make whole world a more beautiful place to live for all of us.
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