Debate on Power of God

From many centuries, people across the world are challenging the power of god in their own ways. In every challenge, god has shown his power to human beings, still many people do challenge god regularly. We all see many claims and counter claims on God, which sometimes strengthen or loosen our hopes on the God.

Almost all the religions points towards a force which is beyond our reach but still governs all of our fates. Simply, we all see this force as God. There are many miracles which are done by this force. Some people are present in this world those do not believe on the God and believe all these miracles as matter of chance.

On the other hand many religions from past times are pointing towards this unknown force. The belief on God provides people with a power to face difficult situations in world. The belief on the God has given birth to a great spiritual development for mankind which is helping many people in this world. God is still a very big power within all us and provides all of us with a great strength.

We can get the help of this great power for becoming stronger in this world. Numbers of people have already used this force for achieving great height in this life. All such people have given all credits to this great force for their success in life. Now, it only depends on us that we trust this power of god or not.

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