How difficult it to be like a woman?

We say that women are one of the greatest creatures of mankind. There are a lot of songs, stories, literature, and poems, which are written in admiration of them. However in reality when we see the actual condition of many women around us than all these things just look like false quotes. A woman plays a very important role in the expansion of mankind; it is difficult for any human to come into this world without her support of her. She feeds us in her womb for nine months and suffers all the pains without showing any sign of regret. She plays a lot of other important roles in our lives without which it is not possible for us to live a happy life. However, still, our behaviors toward women require a substantial change. A woman starts facing discrimination in life from her birth and this whole story continues till her death. Women even after so many years of development of mankind are not able to find any respectable place for themselves. In India every day, we can find many cases in which women are burned alive. Hundred of women are molested or raped every day around India. The difficulty with women is that there is no place in the world that is completely safe for them. Every man only believes them as the object of sexual satisfaction and nothing more. Many people around us only move as hunters with women as their prey. This is a question of vast shame for a country like India where we give a lot of respect to our mother and claim our country as our Mother. We even worship women in the figure of many Goddesses; still, we do not provide the much-needed respect to the small innocent, and insecure goddesses present among us. It is very heartening to give pain to one of the best creatures of god. Women are the only creature in this universe who is burned before their death. Women suffering are endless; it is only due to their great emotional power we are not able to see them. Most of the time she remains the suffering but still, she does not show her pain to others. It is a tough task to consider the world without them, however the decreasing number of girl children shows some concerns. We need to come out of the double standards against women and provide them with a good world to live in.
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