Friday, May 26, 2017

Decreasing water level in the lakes of India (Water Crisis)

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Ropar (Rupnagar)  (Lake) 

Water is very important for the survival of human beings; however, due to the abundance of water on the earth, we mostly take it guaranteed and don't do efforts to save it. With the increase in population and damage to natural water sources, many parts of the world are facing acute water scarcity. First news of receding water levels in the Sukhna lake came to my notice and now, I heard about the famous Nainital lake drying up fast in the Uttarakhand state of India (at present water level in the Nainital Lake is 18 feet below than the normal).

I never heard such news throughout my life in the past 37 years and it is shocking for me that two famous lakes of India are on the verge of extinction. These are not just two stories in the isolation, we are hearing news of natural water sources drying up fast from the different part of the world. Even in my village, a natural water spring which was giving fresh water to my village from hundreds of years has almost dried up.

All these things only indicate that something is wrong with our approach and we are not doing enough to save our water resources. If we take a survey of a particular place then we will find that half of natural resources of water have already dried up and others are on the verge of disappearing, The Same thing is also true for ground water and the ground water level has gone very deep in most parts of the world. The situation is very alarming; however, the problem is that no one is taking this problem seriously.

Glaciers, which are the main source of all major rivers of the world, are shrinking and if they disappeared then our rivers which are giving life to millions of people will also die. The main reason for all these problems is unplanned growth by humans and overdependence on natural resources. Already, global warming is causing a major threat to our glaciers and increasing pollution is making this problem worse.

I hope that with time, we will understand the severity of this problem and work in the direction to solve this problem.

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