Very Powerful OM Chanting/Meditation at Frequency 417 Hz (Tested by Me)

Very Powerful, OM Chanting, Meditation, Frequency, 417 Hz,

In the last post on Power of Mantras, I discussed Mahamrityunjaya Mantra and how we can remove negative energies from our life with it. Today, we will talk about OM Mantra and its powers. You must have heard a lot about the OM mantra and its powers. There is much information available online where the power of OM mantra is demonstrated and popular example is where a baby sleeps after listening OM chanting.

After watching this video, I decided to check myself that how OM chanting can affect us or not. I  tried meditation with OM chanting mantra and I found positive results. I felt lots of relaxed and happy after listening to OM mantra and sometimes, I even felt asleep or unconscious for few minutes; however, when I wake up or regained consciousness, then I felt all heaviness gone from my mind.

In my advice, OM meditation is a wonderful tool to relax and feel calm. However, there are very fewer numbers of people who actually use the power of OM chanting to uplift their life. As per the Hindu religion, OM is the starting sound of the Universe and meditating with its sound can give us lots of positive energy. You can either yourself chant the OM mantra or you can listen to the mantra sound, both ways can provide a great relief.

For the beginners, it is advisable to start with the listening of OM chanting. We can find many useful OM mantras available online for free of cost. The power of OM mantra can increase many times when we listen to its sound at a special frequency. Below, you can find OM chanting mantra at a frequency of 417 which has lots of positive effects on our mind and it helps us to remove negative blocks from life.

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