Does wheat is poisoning your Body? Increasing Wheat Allergies


Is Wheat becoming poisonous to human beings?

In the past six months, I heard about three people suffering from wheat allergies and they are advised by doctors to avoid eating wheat. In one of the cases, wheat allergy or intolerance was behind the stomach problems and acute acid reflux. I was also suffering from critical acid reflux problems at night so I also stop/reduced the wheat from my diet. Surprisingly, I noticed much improvement in my acid reflux problem and I started feeling more energetic. The number of people who are suffering from allergies to wheat or wheat products is on the rise around the world. There are many studies available to us that point out the various problems associated with eating wheat. 

The problem is not only with the wheat as such but it is caused by new varieties of wheat and the use of excess chemicals to increase its production. This problem becomes more serious when we use more white/refined wheat flour which lacks most of the essential nutrients and fibres. Today, most of the wheat products available in the market like bread, cakes, biscuits etc are made up of white and refined flour. Farmers use various kinds of pesticides and chemical fertilisers to increase the production of wheat without worrying about the health of the people who will eat it. The problem is not associated with eating wheat but it is associated with eating wheat only. Today, in the market it is much easier to find products based on wheat than on other grains. 

What Traditional Grains were replaced by Wheat?

In recent years, wheat has become one of the most popular grains eaten by people worldwide. People worldwide have replaced their traditional grains with wheat because of the easy availability of wheat around the world. It is much easier and more convenient to grow wheat as compared to other conventional grains like millet, barley, bajra, finger millet (ragi), amarnath etc. These traditional grains have a lot more nutrients and fibres in them as compared to wheat but thanks to marketing and advertisements wheat have become the major consumed grain in the world. The promoter lobby for wheat and wheat-based products is so strong that they have replaced many traditional grains from the food list of common people of those countries with the help of high-level marketing. 

What are the dangers of eating wheat?

The consumption of wheat-based products is responsible for leaky gut or intestinal permeability, a health issue in which excess protein gets passed into the bloodstream. To get rid of these protein molecules body activates immune cells and this results in health issues later. This is just the one problem, I have discussed with you, there are many new issues coming up as we are becoming dependent on wheat and wheat-based products. If we want to remain healthy then we should reduce the consumption of wheat and look for wheat alternatives like traditional grains. In this way, we can save ourselves from wheat poisoning and various health issues related to eating wheat products. 

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