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As time is passing so we are coming close to the Loksabha election 2024. Indian Loksabha (Parliament) elections are not only the biggest elections in India but they are the biggest in the world. It is not an easy task to conduct an election for more than a billion people separated by so many geographical divides. But still, the Indian election commission is successful in conducting these elections for the last 75 years. These are the main elections in India because they decide who will rule at the center thus ruling the whole of India. Presently, Narendra Modi is the prime minister of India and he is very popular in India and across the world. He has become the prime minister of India for the second time with the win of his political party BJP and its alliances in the NDA. This is the fourth time, BJP has made government at the center, and earlier its Prime Minister was Atal Bihari Vajpai. 

With the approaching Loksabha election 2024, everyone wants to know whether Narendra Modi will become the Indian prime minister for the third time or not. He become prime minister of India for the first time in 2014 after winning the Loksabha election. At that time, BJP faced tough competition from Congress lead UPA alliance. But today, congress and its UPA alliance have become quite weak in many places. We are seeing the entry of new political parties and alliances. New Political parties like Aam Admi Party (AAP), Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), and Yuvajana Shramika Rythu Congress (YSR Congress) are fighting for more space in Indian politics. 

Many regional political parties like Janta Dal United (JDU) have already changed their lines and joined new alliances leaving behind NDA. As the elections will approach near, we will see much such make and break of new/old alliances. Loksabha election 2024 needs to be conducted before May 2024, therefore nest Loksabha elections are one and half years away. 

The strongest point for BJP is its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi who is one of the world's most popular leaders and he enjoys great popularity in India too. In Modi, India sees a strong and progressive leader and visionary who is taking India ahead. We can hear praise for his make in India policy, foreign policy, highways construction policy, and defense policy. The biggest asset for BJP is Narendra Modi and it again wants to see his charm working in the 2024 Loksabha election. The good point for BJP is that it doesn't have any single party at a center level that can challenge it. Earlier, Congress was there but now congress has lost most of its ground and it is struggling with an internal fight. Therefore, congress is unlikely to give a tough fight to BJP in the next Loksabha election. 

The only competition for BJP is from the small regional parties that have influence either in a single state or in two-three states.

 If we see the overall picture then BJP looks to have an upper edge in the Loksabha election in 2024 but things may change in the coming time, therefore, do come back to this page for the latest updates on the 2024 Loksabha election. 

As per the present trend, NDA is likely to emerge biggest political alliance in 2024 however, these Loksabha elections are not so simple because of the presence of many regional challenges to the BJP. The stakes for the BJP depend on the states like UP, Bihar, MP, Rajasthan, etc to make a big lead from these states. 

Predictions Lokabha Election 2024 Coming Soon (Below data is for reference only, final predictions will be added when more data will be available)
State      Totalseats Congress  BJP   Others

AP             24     0-2      0-2    0-2 (TDP) 15-20 (YSR) 
Assam          14     0-2      10-12  0-1 Oths
Bihar          37      0       0-20    0-7 JD(U) 0-1 LJP 3-10 RJD 2 OTH
Chhattisgarh   11     0-4      4-7      0
Delhi          7       0        0-3     0-4 (AAP)
Gujarat        26     2-4       20-22
Goa            2       0        2
Haryana        10     0-4       0-8      
HP             4       0-2      1-3
J&K            6       0        0-2      0-3 (NC) 0-2 (PDP)
Jharkhand      14      4        7      3 Oths
Karnataka      28      0-10     10-18   -0-2 Othr  
Kerala         20      12        0      8 (Left)
Rajasthan      25      4-7       10-18
MP             29      3-8        15-23
Maharashtra    48      0-6     15-24    4-6 (SS) 5-7 (NCP)
North-East     11      0-1      3-5     0-1 (NCP) 0-3 (Oths)
Orissa         21      0-2     6-8     10-13 (BJD)
Punjab         13      0-3     0-2     0-2 (Akali Dal) 0-6 (AAP)
Tamilnadu      39      0-3       0-2     5-10 (AIDMK) 10-20 (DMK) 0-4 (OTH)                     
Telangana      17      0-2      2-4     10-12 (TRS) 0-2 Oth
UP            80      0-3       50-70     5-15 (SP) 0-4 (BSP) 2 OTHs
Uttarakhand    5       2        3
UTs            6       3        0      3  Oths
West Bengal    42      0-3     10-14    2-4 (left)  20-30(TC)                           

: These predictions are clearly based on data and information gathered by the author from his resources. The author is not currently a member of any political party in India. The author also tries to provide information in an unbiased manner not favoring or disapproving any political party. People are advised to vote freely without getting influenced by these predictions.