Finally the Start of Ram Mandir Construction (A long awaited desire of Indians)

Ram Mandir Construction

Finally, the day has come when India will welcome with open hands the construction of the new Lord Rama temple at Ayodhya. Many Indians have waited for this temple for hundreds of years and there are many who have fought for it with their lives. I am not an advocate of any religion and do not want to pass this event as any victory over any religion; however, I see this day as a celebration for all Indians. I do not want to go into the controversies associated with the construction of this temple because for the betterment of everyone it is in the best interest to forget all the bad memories of past and start new with the happiness of temple construction. 

Lord Rama is very important for India because India is built around his philosophies and path shown by him. If we go in history then we can find many incidences where powerful rulers of other religions have tried to destroy the current heritage and religious beliefs of people. It is the biggest sin done by such rulers who under the influence of their power committed it. It is very hard to suppress the feeling of common people and these feelings come out after some time. It is good that our Supreme Court solved this matter in a peaceful manner and now, we are able to see the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya. 

Why do people want to see a temple at the Ayodhya? The answer is simple because Ayodhya is the birthplace of Lord Rama and he ruled over this kingdom. Even the digging by the archeological department of India at the temple construction site has proved that there was a huge temple at this site. The evidences can be put aside but the main thing is the faith of the people who believed from hundreds of years that this place is the real temple site. It is also good for people like me to see the construction of Ram temple starting in their lifetime because many people have died before seeing this happen. At last, I want to congratulate everyone on the start of the construction of Ram Temple at Ayodhya and soon we will see a huge temple at this place. 
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