Threat of Running External (third party) JavaScripts on your website

Up to now, it is very common to use Java Scripts on the websites to run various applications or features which can't be hosted on your server. Among bloggers, the usage of Java Scripts is very common because they allow them to add many good features to their blogs so that readers of the blog can have a good experience. Therefore, most of the bloggers' user many external Java Script codes developed by external developers to add extra features to their blogs and these codes starts with tag < script> and ends with < /script>. Even Google Adsense ads are shown on the blogs with the help of similar Java Scripts. 

Why Java Scripts gained so popularity? 

Java Scripts become popular in the last decade because they allow web owners to host a file somewhere else and run it on another site by adding a simple one or two line code. Mostly, bloggers are not so good in coding so they look for external help to make their blogs user-friendly. Many external developers and web companies offer their web content or gadgets with the help of simple Java Script codes. 

After adding the Java script code to your site, you can run certain content or feature on your blog which is actually hosted somewhere else. These features or programs are only called from an external server when someone opens your site. The advantage of all this is that you can easily get many complex and useful tools or applications for your blogs/websites by just adding a two lines code to the HTML of your blog/website. 

Therefore, Java Scripts become so popular and we saw more and more numbers of people using them. However, there are some risks attached with the Java Scripts about which many bloggers and web-owners are not aware. 

Risks associated with the third party Java Scripts- 

The biggest risk with the external third party Java Scripts is that you have no control over them. By adding the Java Script code to your site, you allow the third party to run their program on your site. The good and bad point about the Java Scripts is that they can be changed externally. 

For example, you use an external Java script code to run a widget with multiple social sharing options for your users. Now, you hope that only sharing widget will work and nothing else. But sometimes, many hackers create such Java Scripts to attract you. Once you add such Java Scripts on your site while thinking that they may be useful for your users, hackers also push malicious software or virus to the web users. 

Many bloggers remain unaware of such things and they only come to know about all this when search engines start blacklisting them. In such matters, bloggers have no intention of doing anything wrong but they become a victim. 

My motive for writing this article is to aware bloggers about the threats of running external (third party) Java scripts or codes on your website. It is very important to run any external Java Script or code on your site which originates from a good source with good online reputation. 

Today, we are witnessing a new change in web connectivity with the launch of Amplified mobile pages (AMP) which opens in less in than one second. Such pages block all the external Java Scripts so causing a threat to the existence of many such online applications and widgets which run on Java Scripts. Due to this decline, programs running on Java Scripts have become more vulnerable, so you need to be more cautious. 

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