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How to find New ideas for Writing?

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In the last post, I discussed about How to become a good writer and now we move further with How to find new ideas for writing. Many writers from time to time suffer from a mental block which makes it difficult for them to decide what to write or where they can find the inspiration to write. Writing is an art which is a mix of both your language skills and your ability to think out of the box. It is always better to write something which is useful for the readers and it enhances their knowledge on the topic. However, you can only write better when you feel inspired to write on the topic. 

Sometimes, many writers find it so hard to search the suitable topics to write about. This happens to every writer and due to this confusion, many writers fail to write anything. Therefore, a writer need to constantly look for new topics and information which is useful for their readers. We can take the example of any successful book or blog, the main reason of people liking it is its usefulness to the readers. So, as a writer we always need some good topics which are useful for our audience and also they motivate the writer. Below, I am going to share you with some the ideas/places to find the inspiration about topics which are liked by the readers. By visiting these sites, you can see yourself what people love to read the most and you can accordingly plan to write on that topic. 

Learn and Share - Best thing is to share the information which you find hard to get; there are good chances that others may face the same difficulty. Many times, we face difficulties about cleaning a virus or running a device, then we look for the information online and find it after a long struggle. Similarly, many people may face the same situation and look for the easy solution of the same problem. You can share what you learned and how it solved it your problem so that it becomes easier for your readers and they come back again for more information.    
Google Trends- By just typing these words, you can see what is trending on the Google search which gives you an idea what people want to read the most. Simple search opens the trends for your country e.g. Now if you want to see the trends for US, then you can change to .us for trends in US e.g. Similarly, we can find trends of Google search for any country. When you regularly visit Google trends, then you can get a good idea of the topics on which you can write. 

Trending on Facebook - Today, social media plays a much wider role is the life’s of people and we can use them to know what is trending with the people. Facebook daily publish the trends for what Facebook users are searching on it. Writers can get great help of these trends to find the topics which their readers may find interesting. Moreover, on Facebook we get many ideas and methods to make a post popular by presenting it in a unique way. 

Twitter Trends- Like Google and Facebook, Twitter do share what is trending on the twitter. Writers can regularly check these trends to get a idea about the new posts. 

Linkedin - Linkedin is something which is mostly overlooked when it is about finding the new idea; however, I believe that it one of the best place to find the unique ideas about writing topics. On the Linkedin wall, we can find what is trending and on which topic people want to know more. 

Stumble upon- Stumble upon is a sharing platform where people like or share what they found most interesting and useful. Good written articles get millions of stumbles and they are shown on the main page. You can visit stumble upon regularly to find the best liked articles or information so that you can write on the same topic. 


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