Big cities are machines developed to make human slaves

Big Cities, Slaves, human
Today, we promote smart cities and encourage people to live in these cities. We lure people with dreams of happy and wealthy life so that they can leave villages and enter the artificial lives of these cities. Many innocent people enter these cities being lured by such dreams of happiness and success; however, in reality, they just become slaves of rich people who actually use them to complete their dreams. 

Here ordinary people don’t earn much and whatever they earn is taken back by the city itself. If any person decides to leave these cities, then most of them go empty-handed. These cities swallow away all the basic necessities of a person and force him to live a limited life with limited resources. Many live in the houses where even sunlight and air fear to enter. Some people even pass their whole life without spending time with their children. 

In cities, we just come to our homes for a few hours of sleep only. Homes don’t mean more than this to many people. City life is a vicious trap where people can only enter and there is no going back. Different people enter these traps because of different reasons lured by different dreams. Rich people always support and promote city life because by doing so they get a constant supply of slaves for their different works. 

Media is the biggest weapon of rich people to lure more people to come and live in cities. Through, media always the positive and lavish lifestyle of cities is promoted like there is no dark side. Therefore, many people get carried away by such ideas and come to cities
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