Niue - A Lesser known Tiny Island Nation (Vol. 1 Hidden Worlds)

As an ordinary human being, you have some limitations on time and resources. I love to travel; however, still, it is not possible for me to travel all around the world. To add some adventure to my life, I have decided to write about the places and nations which do exist on our planet, but fewer people get a chance to visit them. When writing about these places, I will think that I am visiting them. 

Today, I will talk about Niue, a tiny island country in the South Pacific Ocean and it is situated 2400 KM northeast of New Zealand. The land area of this island is only 260 sq Km. The population of Niue is even less than 2000 and the official figure is 1612. The main attraction of this island nation is its virgin beauty and pollution-free atmosphere. Niue is a self-governing state with a free association with New Zealand to conduct all diplomatic ties on its behalf. 

The domain name assigned to Niue is ".nu". By selling this domain name, Niue gets free wifi and free basic internet across the nation making it the first wifi nation. Niue got my attention when I saw a video about Niue which said that Niue has become the first debt-free nation. Whereas most nations across the world are struggling with high debt and paying big amounts in interest, this news of a debt-free nation is very encouraging. 

Niue has decided to live with its own means and never borrow money in the future, as said by its Premiere, Toke Talagi. Today, it is the time to learn from tiny nations like Niue and not run behind artificial growth.  The revenue in Niue comes from Tourism which is rising fast, remittances from Niue-origin people settled in New Zealand and Australia, aid from New Zealand, fishery and agriculture. Niue is offering attractive financial incentives to people to have their first baby in Niue so that people settled in other nations may come back. Already, Niue has seen a 10% increase in population because many migrants returning back. 

Niuean dancing

The beautiful thing about Niue is its native culture and old tradition. It is believed that Niue was settled by Polynesians from Samoa in 900 A.D. And up to the 18th century, Niue remained under tribal rule. During this period, Niue developed a unique tribal culture which we can see by visiting Niue. Earlier, Niueans used to live in houses with hand-woven walls. 

The only airport in the nation is Niue International Airport and it is connected by twice-weekly flights from Auckland by Air New Zealand. The staple food of this nation is Taro (Colocasia Esculenta) which is also similar to the Kachalu plant grown widely in India, especially in my native village.  There are two official languages in Niue, Niuean and English. The most of people in Niue are Niueans and Christianity is the main religion. Her Majesty Queen is the head of Niue like New Zealand. 

By visiting Niue, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches, reefs and green surroundings. If I get a chance, then I will definitely like to visit it, so far I am happy to write about a very tiny nation which is very-very far away from my location. This is my big Hello to all the people of Niue. I liked and enjoyed your nation. 

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