Mental violence is more dangerous than Physical violence

Mental, ViolenceWe live in a world where violence is very prominent. We all suffer from various kinds of violence in our lives and one of the most unseen parts of the violence is mental violence. People who torture us mentally mostly never got caught because we can't provide physical evidences against them. Moreover, these people never agree with the any mental violence done by them against us.

We can divide violence in two parts of Mental violence and Physical violence. We can easily see the physical violence and we can show its evidences to the world; however, the mental violence is mostly remains hidden from the eyes of the world because it is not easy to show it to the world. Because of this nature of mental violence, many people use mental violence to torture their opponents.

The people who do mental violence, they know that their preys will never be able to provide any hard proofs against them; thus they opt for mediums of mental violence without any fear. Human health depends on both of his mental and physical health. We can harm any person by destroying his mental or physical health or by destroying both.

Generally, people find it easy to attack on the mental health of a person; through the various forms of mental violence. Due to mental violence, many people suffer and some even lose their lives because of high pressure of mental violence. However, no one gets caught in the world because we hardly get enough proofs against the people causing mental violence.

To have a good society, it is very important to have a check on the mental violence and it needs to be discouraged like the physical violence. Today, we have some laws to book people causing mental violence; however, they are not enough and level of awareness among people about the mental violence is very low.

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