Return of Rahul Gandhi (Will India get a Strong Opposition?)

Return, Rahul GandhiFinally, after remaining away from India and active politics, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is back in India. He came back after a 8 week long vacation or mediation trip. In the meantime, we heard lots of hue and cry in the media and public over the disappearance of Rahul Gandhi.

Though, Congress party remained completely silent on this matter and never disclosed where Rahul Gandhi is? The reason for his sudden disappearance was said that he went to this long vacation to recollect his lost energy and find the next course of action.

In his leadership, Congress party saw the worst performance in the last year Loksabha election and in the other state elections. Due to this big defeat many other leaders of Congress started questioning the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. It looks that Rahul Gandhi decided to move to a place where he is away from active politics and so that he can decide his next action.

I don't know how much these vacations have helped Rahul Gandhi and tomorrow, we will get some idea when Rahul Gandhi will address the rally of Farmers who are protesting against the recent land acquisition bill. Congress party has put every effort to make this rally a big success and millions of farmers from across India are expected to attend this rally.

With this disappearance and long vacations, Rahul Gandhi has certainly succeeded in getting the attention of media and people. However, if he failed again, then no one will trust him again. At present, India is missing a strong opposition and there is a good chance for Rahul Gandhi to emerge a strong leader by helping farmers.

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