Condition of Indian Farmers

Most of the people around the world only know about the rosy picture of India, where everything is growing and soon India is going to become a developed nation. However, still, there are a number of humanitarian issues present in India which need immediate solutions. One of such problem is suicide by thousands of poor farmers every year. As per the latest study conducted by a Chennai-based Institute and leading English daily “The Hindu” which states that about 1.5 lakh farmers across India committed suicide due to agriculture related problems in between the years 1997-2005.

Moreover, the study also indicated that this situation can become more problematic in the future if no hard measures are being taken by the Indian and state governments because the percentage increase in suicides among farmers is much above the average general suicide rate. Today, India may have achieved a leading position in IT or other industries, but agriculture is one segment which has helped India when it needed this help most. Even today, the large majority of Indian population is engaged in farming, therefore, some immediate steps are required to avert the situation from becoming worse.

The major reason behind these suicides by farmers is believed to be crop failure and increasing debts. From the last many continuous years, the agriculture segment in India is not able to show any impressive growth and in future also chances of any growth are very less. However, vast farmer pollution in India totally depends on this sector and any negative move in this segment can ruin their all their dreams.

For solving this problem, our government needs to provide more financial and modernization help to the farmers so that they can also again start making profits from their agriculture business. However, on the other hand, most of the government looks blind on this tragedy and according to them, the situation is still under control.

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