An encounter with a beautiful Woman

Yesterday was a good day for me. As I saw the most beautiful woman on earth. If anybody wants to know about how beautiful women should be then he should see her. She was wearing a yellow sari with flowers printed on it. She was looking gorgeous. Anybody can fall in love with her in seconds. She was like a woman whom nobody would think for a second if he gets the chance to marry her. Her hears was shoulder long and she had left her hair untied. Her hair was playing with her face, sometimes they came in front of her face, and then she put them back with her hands.

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It looked like a moon was coming out of black clouds. Her body colour was very fair. Her hand and face are like white ice, creating a sensation in her mind to touch her. She walks like a sweet breeze. When she was passing near me, I felt a strange feeling in my heart. She was a great work of God. The person who will marry her will be the very lucky one. I got the time to remain near her for the whole day. Although there are lots of other people present there. However, my eyes were only searching for her glimpse. 

I wanted to see her more and more. I tried to see her many times. Soon she realized that I was trying to see her. Then after whenever I tried to see her, she was already seeing me. In this, the whole day passed and evening came. I was standing on the side of my friend's chair, she was seating in front of me. She was alone at that time. Now I can see her more clearly and she can also respond. Whenever I tried to see her, I recognize that she was already seeing me. This was a good and strange situation for me. It looks like she was interested in me. However, I was always weak in this field. 

I have reached this gesture at my time, but unfortunately not being able to cash this opportunity. Second, I was there on official work. Third, the woman was so beautiful that I felt inferior in front of her. Fourth, a single day was a very small time for me to take any decision. Finally, I decided not to further involve in it. Thus I stopped seeing her. Soon she also realized this thing. Then comes the time of work off and she goes back to her home without seeing back towards me. At the end of the day, I again lost a beautiful woman. However, still, I am happy that I am fortunate enough to see a beautiful creature of God. Love to all Arvind
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