Life is a great joke

Like is a great joke most of the time, however, the problem is that most people live this joke very seriously. Life is given to us by God for enjoying and creating fun in life. Whereas we all see a lot of sorrow and unhappiness around us, moreover the amazing fact is that most of these sorrows and unhappiness are our creations or overall all these are the weak points of society. Either we commit most of our mistakes in life due to our greed or are forced by society to commit these. However in all this run, we miss many beautiful moments of life. Life is full of many exciting things which offer great enjoyment to all of us.

We all have born in this world with no thoughts and desires and a child only wants to enjoy his life. However, we burdened this innocent soul from childhood with a lot of expectations and desires. In this way, a circle of expectations and desires starts moving in the life of every person. In the end, we get an egoist person out of this child who is finding it difficult with the changing time and die as an unhappy soul. Enjoying life is a great art which very-very less people know on this earth. For enjoying a life, a person is required a deep insight into a life free from all worldly things.

We all know that there are many people who even after living in the big houses are unhappy and there are strange wanderers who are endlessly happy even not having anything. This is a strange reality of life which many mystics around the world have tried to explain from time to time. Life looks strange to people who do not understand it and it becomes a great joke and excitement for those who master it.
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