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Story of a shepherd dog

This is the story of a German shepherd dog’s life. Story starts with the birth of three dogs two male and one female to a German shepherd bitch in a big house of New Delhi. The main character of our story is the most beautiful of them Moti. Moti was born in a place where every facility is available to him. He had not to worry about anything. They were all taken care of very well. In the house they were living had every facility. Room had all the facility from toys to foam beds. So the Moti started enjoying his life with his brother and sister from day one. But his fate had some different stored for him.

A servant of the house has eye on him. He was in the habit of drinking and for this purpose he requires money. Therefore on one day he took the Moti and sold it in the market. From their bank officer Mr. Sharma purchased him. Mr. Sharma’s family was middle class. He has a small house of three rooms and a small balcony. In his family there were his 12 year old son and 7 year old daughter. His wife was dead years before. It was difficult for Moti to initially adjust in this house. This house looks like a prison to him. He has not much freedom here and even some time he was chained.

Moti felt sad when he remembers about his brothers and sister. The daughter of bank officer Praynka loved moti. She took care of him well. So Moti started enjoying his time with Praynka. He sleeps with her and plays with her. Only the time which was difficult for him to pass is when Preynka goes to school. He waits for her eagerly in the balcony. His life was going smoothly. But the God had something different written in Moti’s fate. On one day Moti was alone in home. Suddenly some thieves broke into the house. They were three in number. Moti was still small, but realized the danger. Therefore he jumped on them and tried to fight with them. However one of the thieves catches him from the neck and put him in a carton. Moti is barking inside it. But he was unable to do anything.

They with them also took the Moti and through the carton near the jungle. For one day nobody come to the rescue of Moti. He became like dead without water and food. Luckily from there a beggar was passing by. He listened that a small voice was coming from the carton. He opened it and saw the Moti. Moti was in a bad shape. He rescued him and medicated him. It took four days for moti to come out of this sudden misfortune. Now Moti was the dog of a beggar. He moved with him here and there. They share whatever they get for eating. This life was a test for Moti. As he had to face the hardness of sun and even sometimes he has to remain without food.

He became a wandering dog. He traveled many places with the beggar. In this time Moti has passed three years of his age. One day with the beggar Moti was passing front of a house. It was the same house, where he was born. He instantly remembered it and tried to run inside it. But the guard of the house stopped him and beat him with the steak. From inside two beautiful German shepherd dogs came running to gate. They were barking on him. Moti remembered they were his brother and sister. However they were not recognizing him. They both were very healthy as compared to Moti. In pain Moti goes back with the beggar.

They again moved here and there. In the mean time the beggar dies one day making the Moti alone. Now Moti was free to go anywhere. He had to manage everything for himself. Now he was finding the stiff competition for survival and nobody is to care for him. But slowly Moti managed his this life. He won a good place for him in competition to the other dogs. For two years Moti remains in this state. One day Moti was moving the roadside. He saw a girl while crossing the road. He recognized the girl. It was Pryanka. He started running towards her. Suddenly he realized that a very fast car was running towards the Praynka and going to crush her. He acted fast jumped on the Praynka, making her go out of the reach of car. He did it successfully. But got him self trapped in the accident.

He got himself very seriously injured. His body was bleeding heavily. Pranyka had realized that a dog has saved his life. But she did not recognize him. Moti had changed from a small puppy to a big dog. People appreciated his good efforts. But everybody is in hurry; nobody has time to help Moti. Irrespective of dogs good efforts nobody wants to do any thing for him. But Praynka want to do something for him. Her small age was coming in her way. She run and got some water for the Moti. She gave him water. Moti drinks some of water from her hands. Happiness could be seen in his eyes. He has done something for Pryanka. Pains were becoming very unbearable to him.

He wanted Praynka to say his name. He was only waiting for this. He slide toward her and barked in a slow voice. While putting her hand on his head Praynka realized that the white spot on the neck on dog looks like Moti. Suddenly Moti name comes out of her mouth. Moti is waiting to listen it only. Water starts coming out from his eyes. This is the happiest moment of his life. In happiness he forgets all his pain. He was happy to sacrifice his life for Pranyka. Within the few minutes he dies, taking with him all the sweet memories of his life with him. Writer’s resource-


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