Fear of Death

Lot of people die every day in this world and death is biggest reality on earth. But still it is most unspoken subject. No one even wants to think about it. When we hear about it, a strange fear starts coming in to our mind. Why this fear exists, none can answer this question easily. One reason may be that we are from childhood developed to treat it as a fearful thing.

Death is supposed to take our dare ones away from us. Have we ever given a thought to it or tried to go into its reality? The answer is no, because this is the most fearful question to us. The people in history who have tried to solve this question are not looked as good by our society and are mostly discarded. Secondly nobody so far is able to provide accurate answer. Most of the answers are questions in themselves.

Even our religions are not clear about it. Every religion has its own theories and explanations. Most of them say that after death, we go into other world. They try to describe this world in their ways. They divide it into two categories, one where good people live and second where bad people. If we do good deeds then we go to good world. But if we do bad deeds then we go to bad world. In this case religious God has supreme power and he decides about us.

That’s why many people pray to these Gods. Their main aim is to save themselves from difficulties and finally from death. But nobody has seen any God. Lots of claims were made, but no authentication is available. Even these are some of the controversial issues today. A Person is looked with a bad eye who doesn’t respect the religion. We were advised to fear God and follow the religion. Religious hearted are also result of these different philosophies of death and God. Every religion says their philosophy and God is real.

Every religion says in nutshell to fear and more fear. Many claims were made for life after death by many. Are they real or exploiting our fears? The fear was put into our mind by our parents, our society and our religion. This is clear from horror movies were the dead men are villains. Thus death is associated deeply with bad things and finally with fear. Even modern science has proved it that fearing is bad. It wastes our energy and time.

We can look into this fear constructively, by making our views about death more clear. Fear is also a good motivator, as it allows us to achieve many things in life which we are otherwise not able to achieve. Death is a natural phenomenon and it will come to everybody. Nobody can escape from it. Nature has made us to give birth, multiply and die. Our body is structured in this way. I am not saying you to not follow your religion, only asking to follow things wisely. We should try to make the fear of Death, a motivator for us to achieve more heights in life.

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