Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Beautiful Parrots HD Pictures (Himalayan Multicolored Parrots)

Parrot, Himalayan parrot,
Parrot from Backside

Beautiful Parrots HD Pictures

Parrots are no doubt the most beautiful birds on this planet and there are so many people around the world who their beauty. Parrots are also widely used as pets and put in cages; however, I like them free in the open air. Below are five images of wild Himalayan Parrots searching food in crops. It took around two hours to take these five pictures of parrots which shows different shapes of parrots in wild. These pictures are taken in Himachal Pradesh.

The unique point of Himalayan Parrots as compared to Parrots from the plains is that they are more colorful than others. Below the pictures of Himalayan Parrots, I have also added old pics of Parrots from Punjab (the Plains), you can clearly see a difference in their colors. Overall, it was a wonderful experience to capture the pictures of Parrots. To Check more pictures taken by me visit-
Tree, Branch, Parrots,
Two Parrots on same Tree Branch

Parrot, Blue Tale,
A Parrot with Blue Tale 
Parrot, Backside,
Backside of Parrot 2

Parrot, Open Wings, parrot wings
Parrot with Open Wings

Parrot, Flight, Parrot Flying
Flight of Parrot
Parrots, Flight, Flying Parrots,
Flight of Parrots

Old Pictures of Parrots Taken 6 Year Back

These pictures, I took around 6 years back with my ordinary digital camera. These pictures of Parrots were taken in Hoshiarpur (Punjab). At that time, 10-15 parrots used to come to our house daily to eat seeds. Now, we live in a different house, therefore, I have lost contact with them. I like to feed birds and always want them to remain free and not in cages. 

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