Monday, March 09, 2009

State of Being Happy

Mostly, we all people believe that no person in this world can always remain happy because we see ourselves and others being constantly affected by constant outcomes of life. Sometimes, we all feel lot of happiness and simultaneously, we feel pain and sorrow too. Moreover, interestingly we feel pain and sorrow more than we feel happiness in life. Therefore, we all started believing that it is not possible for us or other people to remain happy always.

However, there are few people or saints in our world who know the secret of remaining happy always because they know about state of being happy. Any person in this world can think about attaining a state of happiness once he learns to separate himself from worldly outcomes and miseries. For living a healthy and happy life, it is very important for all of us to learn ancient secrets written in ancient books. Few of these secrets, we can find ikn ancient Hindu religious book “Bhagwat Geeta”.

In this book, Lord Krishna reveals many secrets of happiness in front of his devotee Arjuna. God tells Arjuna to not worry about what is not in hand and only concentrate on what he can do? However, the main problem in present world is that we people worry more about future but give very importance to what is in our hand. Therefore, we see only lot of unhappy faces around us. Lord Krishna also emphasises on importance of Karma (doing) rather than just thinking or worrying.

God further tells that our job is to do work and leave all worries of outcome to god. People around the world who know most of these secrets enjoy great bless and happiness in their life.

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