Friday, December 22, 2006

Strange Rush

There is a big humanitarian issue is burning in Punjab. Punjab is the richest state of India. It is number one in agriculture. Infrastructure is also good here. Every kind of education facility is available in this state and per capta income are many times betters then the other states of India. Industry is well established. Ludhiana is known worldwide for its woolen industry. All agriculture facilities like free electricity, huge resource of water and fertile land are provided to the farmers.

In short very thing is available here to live a happy life. However, all this things doesn't look true by seeing emigration trends in Punjab. People all mad to go abroad. They can go up to any cost to go abroad. Most favored destinations are US and Britain. But they can go any where. This is clear from the last yeart story of missing six members of Punjab police rafting team in US. These guys are working successfully with Punjab police. They were well settled. Secondly they are supposed to be strong contender in the game.

Sorrowfully nobody turned up at the game venue. They all got missing in US for not returning to India. Now, if responsible people behave in this way, then what we accept from the simple people. Therefore Punjab is also known for illegal emigration industry. Every day lot of stories of frauds worth millions of rupees comes in to surface. Many people land in the prison of other countries. But no one is taker of these stories. Madness goes as such.

I am telling the story of one of my friend. His primary aim was to go abroad. Therefore in the wait his immigration, he first does three year diploma, then three year graduation, then two year MA, then one year Bachelor in teaching and two year Master in Teaching. He did all things to pass his time. He never thought how he is wasting the resources of country, which still doesn't have complete resources. So now, what you will say this is a madness or rat race.

What I have got by interacting with people is that they want to grow much faster. They frankly don't have much faith on India and growth in India. They fascinated by others success abroad. Question her is that is this thing good for nation like India? How long we will look other nation for our growth? Here we require a value based society, which has more courage to take challenges here. People should go abroad, but as pride Indians. A fellow Indian

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