Beyond Mother's Day: Embracing the Eternal Essence of Maternal Love


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Today, a noticeable transformation is underway in the Indian mindset, with many adopting customs from the West without acknowledging our distinct identity and values as a country. In light of this, I aim to explore the profound love and reverence for mothers in our culture as compared to the West, particularly focusing on Mother's Day. To read more on Motherhood visit earlier post - Eternal Maternity - A salute to the enduring spirit of Motherhood

In our nation, a mother's love is considered unparalleled and is celebrated year-round. This stands in contrast to the West, where Mother's Day is predominantly observed in May. Nonetheless, various countries have their unique dates dedicated to honoring mothers.

The essence of these commemorative days is to pay homage and extol the tremendous sacrifices made by mothers. They redefine love and sacrifice, setting a standard that many find challenging to emulate. Across the world, there are numerous instances of mothers sacrificing their lives to protect their innocent children. Even fathers find it daunting to fill the void left by a mother's selfless service.

Yet, contemporary trends indicate a growing inclination towards Western modes of expression. This shift threatens to erode the delicate balance in the profound bond between mother and child. Relying on a single day to encapsulate the strength of this relationship risks diminishing its significance. If we confine the celebration of mothers to a mere annual event, we risk weakening the foundation of this vital connection.

To truly honor mothers, it is crucial to celebrate their immeasurable contributions every day, recognizing that their love and sacrifices transcend the confines of a designated calendar date.

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