International Tea (Chai) Day, Lets learn more about it

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 Today marked my first acquaintance with International Tea Day—an event I'm admittedly apologetic for not being aware of earlier. My oversight wasn't meant to slight this occasion, and I sincerely apologize if my previous lack of awareness came across as such. The reason for my uninformed state lies in my rather ordinary perception of tea, specifically our beloved chai. The notion that tea, especially our cherished chai, could transcend borders and become an international celebration seemed improbable to me.

Tea's significance to us Indians goes beyond any specific rationale. The very idea of a life without our morning chai is a difficult concept to fathom. Chai, or tea, in its various forms is universally accessible and profoundly ingrained in our daily lives. The quintessential sight of roadside tea stalls at every bustling Indian corner attest to its commonality. While we may not have been the pioneers of tea, there's no denying our role in propelling its worldwide popularity.

Within India, tea—chai—holds a distinction of being more economically viable compared to coffee, owing to the price differential between the two. Consequently, while encountering individuals who have never savored coffee is not unusual, it's rare to come across someone who hasn't partaken in tea's warmth. Reflecting upon the global prevalence and cultural significance of this cherished beverage, the idea of an International Tea Day feels not only appropriate but also rather commendable.

Since 2005, the 15th of December has been designated as International Tea Day, a celebration that resonates particularly in tea-loving nations like ours. Going forward, this day will hold a special place in my memory, and I'm committed to commemorating it with heartening conversations over cups of tea shared among friends.

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