Don't make your happiness dependent on material things


How I can be happy without being materialistic?

One of the main reasons for the unhappiness of people is their too much attachment to worldly materialistic things. Sometimes, they become so obsessed with these things that these things become the reason for their unhappiness. I have written many times about Happiness and tried to touch on many aspects of happiness present in our life. Today, I will go more deeply into the attachments of people to material things and how this attachment is becoming the reason for their unhappiness. We all love to have all the latest and most expensive things present in the world but we forget that these things can't provide ultimate happiness. The happiness provided by such things is monetary and doesn't last for a long time. Many products and things are created in a way that they become old or obsolete very fast so they lose charm for us and others. Today, you may have a new watch or the latest mobile but in a few days, it will become old and outdated. 

Why do material things do not make me happy?

It is a race to always have the latest gadgets or latest styles or latest comforts. There is no issue in buying the latest gadget or expensive clothing but the problem exists in becoming over-dependent on them. In life, the situations of a person are not always the same sometimes, he may find it easy to buy anything and at other times, he may find it hard to do so. Such things keep on happening in life. But when we are too dependent on material things and can't survive without them then we start creating problems for ourselves and others. In lust for these things, we create debt traps for ourselves and fail to save money for the future. For the companies, we are just a buyer and they don't care about where and how we are paying this money. Credit cards and pay-later schemes make it very easy for us to buy things today and pay later but actually, it is a wise trap designed to trap us financially. 

The true way to Happiness

The best thing to avoid all this is to learn to live happily under all circumstances and conditions. Things should not matter to us whether we are having or not having the latest gadgets or expensive clothes. The world is full of people who rate other people according to the mobile phones they have or the cars they are driving. Such people are only money-obsessed people and we should not bother about their acceptance. They want to target us to sell their products or services to us. Therefore, it is better to avoid such people. On the other hand, good people are not bothered about your physical look or the gadgets you have. They just give value to your trueness and purity of heart. So we should never try to impress others with the help of material things because these things will not attract the wrong people instead. 

Those people have learned to remain happy under all conditions and without the influence of materialistic things, they enjoy life in all situations. So if you also want to enjoy your life fully then you should not make your happiness dependent on worldly things. 

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