Great advantage of being a self dependent person

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Become a self-dependent person

 The meaning of a self-dependent person is a person who doesn't need the support of others for his work. These types of the people are happiest people in the world. In the last post 'Why it is important to live in the present moment?' we found a way to always live life in the present moment to enjoy it and remain happy. Today, we will learn the second way to remain happy and it is to remain self-dependent. Such people are not dependent on others and do not need others' help for completing their tasks. Whereas people who are dependent on others become slaves of their wishes and commands and it becomes the reason for their unhappiness and frustration. If we also want to live a good and happy life then we should also consider becoming a self-dependent person (a person who is not dependent on others for his needs or work). 

When you become a dependent person then you call for miseries in your life because you have to see the other person when you need anything or you have to complete some work. Moreover, no one likes people who are dependent on others because such people are a headache for everyone. When you have a person dependent on you then you first need to complete your work and then also help the dependent person in completing his work. The more people dependent on you the more extra work you need to do for them. In this hectic world, no person has free or spare time to do the job of others, therefore, it is better if everyone understands his duty and starts doing their own work then the life of everyone will become smooth. 

However, it is common to find stubborn people who do not want to become self-dependent people and they keep on looking for people to depend on them. In childhood, they remain dependent on their parent, in adulthood they remain dependent on their brother-sisters and after marriage, they become dependent on their spouse. These dependencies may be of many types from the need for money to dependence on shelter etc. A person can only become a strong person and live his life happily when he starts decreasing his dependence on others. We can easily become self-dependent on many things in life by learning new skills and methods. For example, if you don't know driving then you are dependent on someone who can drive. Now you can remove this dependence by learning to drive the car yourself. 

Though I understand that we can't fully become independent and we need the help of others at some point but there is a difference between getting help and being dependent on others.  People love to help others but no one wants that you should become dependent on others. When you will become self-dependent then everyone will like you and appreciate you for your self-dependence. On the other hand, if you are dependent on others then you will be cursed for it and it will create friction in your relationship. Now the final call is yours. 

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