When you see your content being infringed by other sites and social media platforms?

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Today, copyright violation has become a big issue and sometimes, we wake up to see our content which we made after hard efforts is being stolen by some other site or social page by removing your copyright info from it. These online thieves are so daring that they don't fear anything while manipulating your hard work. Because of such online thieves, you sometimes land up sending hundreds of copyright infringement notices. 

Thankfully, all the leading platforms like blogger, Google, Facebook, and Pinterest, do take action by removing these contents. However, I feel that we need a more productive system which can make it difficult for such people to steal our genuine content. The Internet can't be restricted by the borders and it comes under different rules in the different countries. Therefore, many people try to get the advantage of international borders to steal the content. 

I am not only worried about the international thieves but also about the people of my own country who even don't hesitate from stealing my content. I do believe that by only making tougher laws, we can't address this problem, but we need to more accurate solutions. We need to create more awareness on this issues and how stealing someone's content is harming him. 

Moreover, we need to put more actions on the shadow people who are running many sites and social media accounts with the fake profiles. We need laws which can make it hard for people to create fake profiles. 
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