Only love can unite the word

love, unite

Today we see hatred everywhere due to this reason, we see everyone fighting with each other.  People are finding it hard to have trust others, therefore,  everyone sees everyone with a suspicion.  This is not good if you want to create a good and fearless society. Today fear is the primary force which is driving us.  We are more motivated by fear than by the love.  Love has taken a backseat in society and no one wants to give love a chance. The levels of fear and suspicion are so high that we don't allow love to enter our lives.

Rumi says that love is the bridge between you and everything,  today we don't want to follow this saying because with we don't trust love. All the people in power who want to control the ordinary people use fear as a weapon and they feed their Minds with fear. Fear is so aggressively propagated that everyone starts trusting fear more than love. Today it is hard to find people leaders you tell people to love each other. People who control us know very well that they will not be able to control us  if we start trusting love. Love is the language of God and it can reach any leaving bing even if they do not understand our language.

Mostly we consider that love is weak however it is much stronger than fear. It is fear which is weak. therefore it needs the support of false propaganda.  Fear tries to control people whereas love believes in freedom. We can solve almost all problems of the world with the help of love and create a  United word, a word which takes care of everyone and no one is unhappy in this world.  However, if love becomes a prominent force in world then it will become difficult for top leaders to control our mind and forces to do what we don't want to .

A true leader is one who  spread love in the world and ask people to trust love instead of having faith in fear. But sadly, we lack such leaders in the present world.  Now it is time for common people to realize the power of love to create a world which is suitable for every living being with no divides, Boundaries and differences.  Love is the only  ray of hope  which is present in front us  to create a better world.
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