Feeling Unloved - A common issue faced by many

Feeling Unloved, at some time or some stage in life, we all may feel unloved and this situation is mostly very painful because we don't find anyone who can give us unconditional love. Anyone can feel unloved at any age, whether he is a child or an adult or an elder. We commonly feel unloved when we have many people around us, but we miss the single person who can love us without any compulsion. 

Today, we live in a highly selfish world where people only do things in which they see some advantage; otherwise no one wants to help or support anyone. In the such world, it is very difficult to find love and when it is about unconditional love, then we have very less hopes. Love is important for our well being because love has the power to heal our internal wounds. Love has the power to touch our soul and create an unbreakable bond between two humans. 

Therefore, when we are sad or troubled, then we look for love for our help and guidance. But, many times we don't find it because there is no one around to love us. This is a very sad situation and it further makes the present situation worse. Some people are lucky who have people around us who give them unconditional love, even when they are not asking for it. But those few who ask for love have no one who can give it them. 

In such stage, we can only take shelter in the supreme god and ask him for help because asking God for help is much better than expecting it from the humans. God takes the test of our faith and when he is happy with our faith, then he sends someone to give us unconditional love so that we can feel loved.  

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