Does it is more easy in India to become Rich than to speak freely ?

Free Speech, Speak Freely
Today, I feel that India is slowly becoming a nation where it is much easier to become rich than to speak freely. India is growing fast and we are seeing newer opportunities to become rich. Those who fail to make money through the right way, they use the wrong ways to become rich like false land deals, scams, financial frauds, corruption, religious frauds extra to become rich.

Therefore, we are seeing an increase in numbers of rich people in India. This is a great progress for once a poor country like India. However, I am very much concerned for the decreasing acceptance of free speech. Today, you can't say a corrupt person corrupt or a false religious practice a false practice because otherwise, their supporter may even kill you.

When you speak truth, then you also attract unwanted attention and criticism. You are forced to change your thinking and to follow the current trend of thinking. You know that many wrong things are taking place around you, but you keep quiet because you know somewhere that whole system is on one side. I am not alone who know all this, every common Indian knows that he is repeatedly made fool by corrupt leaders.

Today, corruption has reached very deep in our system and it has even corrupted the thinking ability of people. Controlled media highlights some factors and hide many genuine ones. People start believing and accepting what they are repeatedly told, by leaders and the media. They just come to know about the wrong side of these issues after a long time when nothing can be done.

The best country or a place in the world is one where people are free to speak and express their opinions without any threat, irrespective of the numbers of rich people in that country. If you are a country with many rich people, but there is right to speak freely, then you are not free at all. 
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