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20 Famous Daily Thoughts and Quotes Picture Message)

Here is a collection of 20 Famous Daily Thoughts and Quotes Picture messages. All Thoughts and Quotes provide a great opportunity to learn many secrets of life by reading just a few lines. We can easily motivate ourselves by reading such Daily Thoughts. In these Daily Quotes, we find the nectar of all lessons of life. For more daily thoughts and quotes, you reach where you will find hundreds of beautiful thought of Day picture messages.

Indigenous Cow (A sad story From A Glorious Past to Near Extinction)

The worst thing in India is that people are very less aware of many facts and reality. For instance, Indigenous cows are on the verge of extinction; but hardly people know this fact. We Indians are emotionally attached to Cow and we find its reference in many religious books.

We hear so much hue and cry in media about respect of cow, saving cows from slaughter and making more Gaushalas (Cow Homes); however, in reality we find many of them in bad condition wondering here and there for survival. Indigenous cows give much less milk as compared to Foreign cows or Buffalo; therefore, people are leaving Indigenous cows. Just construction of Cow homes (Gaushalas) doesn't provide any solution and we need big changes.

Cows were very dear to the Hindu God Krishna and we all must have heard many stories of him involving cows. A Cow is referred as Kamdhenu, meaning giver of plenty of essential things. In India, it is believed that everything coming from a Cow is pure and beneficial; and the s…

Worst (Poor) Condition of Indian Farmers (In future farmers may disappear from India)

I wrote an article on Indian Farmers a few years back "Condition of Indian Farmers" in this article, I discussed the poor condition of Indian farmers and how suicides by Indian farmers are on the rise. After seven years of writing this article, I am writing a new article with an even sadder state of mind. In this article, I used word Worst to represent the condition of Indian farmers because the situation is very alarming.

It is very hard for me to believe that what is wrong with Indian political leadership? Why they only remember farmers when they are in opposition? Why our prime minister can't get some time from his international visits to meet dying farmers (15 Country visited in 11 months)?

In the last few days, more than 100 farmers committed suicide in Northern India. In the last 10 years, the suicides by farmers have become a common affair and it doesn't make any impact on our leaders. In the last decade, as per the reports 2.5 Lakh, Indian farmers killed the…

Return of Rahul Gandhi (Will India get a Strong Opposition?)

Finally, after remaining away from India and active politics, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is back in India. He came back after a 8 week long vacation or mediation trip. In the meantime, we heard lots of hue and cry in the media and public over the disappearance of Rahul Gandhi.

Though, Congress party remained completely silent on this matter and never disclosed where Rahul Gandhi is? The reason for his sudden disappearance was said that he went to this long vacation to recollect his lost energy and find the next course of action.

In his leadership, Congress party saw the worst performance in the last year Loksabha election and in the other state elections. Due to this big defeat many other leaders of Congress started questioning the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. It looks that Rahul Gandhi decided to move to a place where he is away from active politics and so that he can decide his next action.

I don't know how much these vacations have helped Rahul Gandhi and tomorrow, we will get…

About Love Story of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma

At present the most hot love story in India is of Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma.     A few years back, I wrote about then hot love story of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sakshi Rawat. Now it's time for the new love story of Virat and Anushka.

Earlier, there were only speculations about the love affair between the Virat and Anushka in media. Initially, both of them denied these reports that they are in love affair or they are dating. However, as the time passed, we got many signs which showed their interest in each other.

It is believed that Anushka and Virat came close to each other during an ad campaign and later, they started meeting often and visiting each others homes. We saw their strong bong during recent cricket world cup when Anishka went to Australia to watch the semi-final match.

On the 26th birthday of Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli surprised her by flying back to India from abroad by getting some time from his busy schedule. Many of pictures of them going for…

Strong Leadership Vs Media Promoted Leadership

Recently, a strong leader from Singapore died and the whole of the world felt grief on this death. He was a clear example of True and strong who took his country to new heights. We hardly see such True leaders in present world who do everything to uplift their country and people. 
Today, we see media promoted or opportunistic leaders who sell dreams to people, but at this end only use people to complete their own dreams. Media has big power in his hands because of its huge reach. Therefore, many people use the media to present their image as a strong leader.

We start believing what is told to us by the media and cast our votes accordingly. There are many media houses, news channels and newspapers controlled by politicians or big businessmen. Therefore, some of these media channels are used to promote leaders which suit them.

Due to this reason, we see many unworthy people coming to power and causing harm to the nation. This situation is very much present in many nations of the world …

Now Find Your Lost Android Phone with Google Search by Typing "Find My Phone"

Now there is a good news for all Android phone users that they can track their mobile by just typing "Find My Phone" on the Google search. As you type this key word in a Google search, soon you see a small window in Google Search with the name of "Find Your Phone".

On the right side you see information of your registered phone or phones with Google. This search finds the mobile phone with the help of Google accounts and it will only find your android phone if it is registered with the same Google account.

To find a specific phone or phone of someone other, you need to log in again in Google search with the Google Account which is associated with specific mobile. If a phone does not have a Google account or any working Google application in it; then it can't be found with this search.

In general, this free service is very good offer by Google and anyone can find his android phone easily with it. With this service, we can track the location of the mobile, make p…

Why people suffering from Depression are on the rise in India?

Today, we see a deep concern for increasing numbers of people suffering from depression. Earlier, depression was not so common in India because of peaceful and friendly environment we had. However, now the numbers of people suffering with depression are increasing rapidly in India.

Depression is not only associated with poor or unsuccessful people; but it is more common in successful and rick class of society. Recently, I came to hear about the fight of famous Indian film actress Deepika Padukone with Depression. It was like a shock to me that so mature, successful and talented actress can suffer from Depression.

This is not a story in isolation, we are seeing a constant increase in depression cases in India and the speed of spread of Depression is alarming. According to a study conducted by the World Health Organization every 13th person is at risk of developing depression in India. Depression is increasing across the world and as per World Health Organization by 2020, it will become…

Why we forget to appreciate small things as we grow?

As we grow older, we start forgetting enjoyment stored in smaller and economical things. We start giving more importance to expensive things and try to find happiness in them. Whereas small children do the reverse, they appreciate even the smallest things in life and feel thankful to the person who provided them these things.

Today, I bought my 3 year old son a 10 rupees ice cream. He enjoyed the ice cream very much and thanked me at least 10 times. Even I myself and others in the family didn't find anything special in it. On the other hand, I have seen many people spending thousands of rupees and still not getting this satisfaction.

The main reason behind it is that as small things become easily available to us, soon we lose attraction for them. We start chasing more expensive and difficult things and in this race, we forget to appreciate small-2 beautiful things of life.

When we follow this attitude, then with time, we became a person who has very less things to appreciate in l…

Importance of Confidence in life - Success Mantra 6

Importance of Confidence in life - Success Mantra 6In the Success mantra 5 - Positive Thinking, I showed you the power of positive thinking. Today, it is the time to understand another important attribute required for success which is called Confidence. 
We hear a lot about the confidence and its importance in life; however, we still find many people ignoring its importance in life. After 15 years of professional experience and reading success stories of numbers of successful people, I can only say that confidence is the most important ingredient for the recipe of success
If a person has all the qualities to succeed except confidence, then the chances of his success decrease by many times. Why confidence is so important for success? The answer is quite simple, we live in a social environment and depend on people for our success. 

Those who have control over our success, they rate us through our confidence. For example, in an interview, a person with good confidence has more chance of …

Increasing Commercialization of Education in India and its side effects?

In 2008, I first wrote about this issue at Increasing Commercialization of Education in India and that time, it was the start of commercialisation  of education to earn huge money by exploiting the innocent students and their parents. After 7 years, the situation has even become worst and thanks to the negative attitude of progressive governments towards the education and especially towards government schools and institutes, the private universities and colleges are making rich even richer.

I am not against private institutes and private universities, but I feel that every person should have access to good and quality education at the affordable price. In last few years, the quality of government backed institutes have decreased drastically while the spread of private players has increased many times. Some of these private institutes and universities are doing good jobs; however, many of them are here to make money only.

Recently, my wife took admission in B.Ed in a famous private insti…