Does blogging is equal to money or it is a Myth? Secret of Earning money with Blogging

I know many people who want to know the answer to this question that does blogging is equal to money or not? 

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Today, blogging has become very popular and millions of people across the world are engaged in blogging. Different people are blogging for different reasons; however, good numbers of such people are blogging for money. 

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Why these people are blogging and are they making enough money with blogging so that they can leave their regular jobs? The answer is both Yes and No

Yes because there are many people (about 20% of total bloggers) across the world who are making well enough money from their blogs to live a good life and some of these are making handsome commission checks to the tune of millions of dollars. 

No, because there are fairly large numbers of people (about 80% of total bloggers) who are not able to make enough money with blogging and they are only making some partial gains. 

Why everyone is not making good money with blogging? 

Answer- To become a good blogger, you need many skills and knowledge which comes with lots of practice and gathering useful information only. Simply, starting a blog does not guarantee any success. 

You Need 1) Regular New and Interesting Content 
              2) Knowledge of Basic blogging tools 
              3) Basic knowledge of SEO (Search engine optimization)
              4) Knowledge of Online and Social Media Marketing
              5) Patience 
              6) Ability to adapt to new changes fast

If you lack any of these skills, you may never reach the peak point of your blogging and will not succeed in making good money with blogging. 

blogging, everyone, who can blog,Blogging is for Everyone or not?

Answer- Blogging is for every person who finds it interesting and can learn a few blogging skills. Today, blogging can be used to demonstrate many skills. Blogs have become an integral part of every industry and website. Blogging is a great tool that allows people to express their thoughts, views, and opinions to the public. They can also be used to spread information and awareness. Therefore, I will say that blogging has something to offer to everyone. 

How, much money, from blogging, money, blogging
How much money you can make by following all good practices?

Answer- There is no limit to the money, you can earn from blogging if you are following all parameters perfectly. Blogging requires your hard work, innovation, and patience to get the best results, and mostly, you get results that are much higher than your expectations. Patience is a keyword when you are blogging because many times, it may take longer than expected to get results. 

Blogging is like an experience where you constantly learn about new skills and techniques which can provide better results for you. Your focus should only be on learning new skills and improving your blogs. Money is something that will soon follow you. 

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