Health Benefits of Aloe Vera (My Experience with it) Grow your own Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Health Benefits

Nature has provided us with many useful plants that offer an abundance of medicinal values. Aloe Vera is one such plant with hundreds of medical properties. Aloe Vera is grown around the world for many centuries because of its various medical properties.

I recently, read a lot about Aloe Vera and started growing it in my home garden. The good point about Aloe Vera is that it can be grown in a small pot and it does not require much care. Today, I have a few Aloe Vera plants and I regularly eat some part of Aloe Vera gel.

My friendship with Aloe Vera started two years back when I was suffering from high Blood pressure and hyperacidity. The only option left with me was to use allopathic medicines on a daily basis. However, despite using all these medicines I was unable to see any improvement. Then one day, I saw an article about Aloe Vera in the newspaper and learned about its useful benefits.

I started eating fresh Aloe Vera gel empty stomach (To get Aloe Vera gel First cut a piece of aloe vera and put it for some time in an inclined position so that harmful yellow liquid can come out, now simply wash the remaining part and removes the upper hard surface of aloe vera leaving behind only gel). Within a few months, I saw a considerable decrease in hyperacidity and smoothening of my blood pressure.

Sometimes, I used to have pain in my stomach due to miner ulcers and to my surprise; this pain also disappeared with this simple measure.

Today, I can tell everyone that Aloe Vera is a wonder plant and one should give it a try. Aloe Vera is useful for every part of our body and it is useful for both internal or external parts of the body. Scientific studies are also revealing many benefits of Aloe Vera which were not known to us so far; though, there are also some studies that contradict these findings. However, my experience with Aloe Vera is very fine. I only take this gel two times a week because a high dosage of Aloe Vera gel or juice can cause diarrhea.

We can find many Aloe Vera based products in the market and there are hundreds of big and small companies selling Aloe Vera juice. However, I prefer growing my own Aloe Vera in the home garden because it is free from harmful pesticides and preservatives.  

In Ayurveda (Indian ancient Medical Science), Aloe Vera finds mention for usefulness in Skin disorders, stomach problems, and burns. Today, Aloe Vera has become a major success commercially because of major health benefits associated with it. Large numbers of people across the world are using Aloe vera for various reasons. If you are also suffering from a problem and Aloe Vera can become the answer to your problem then I will suggest you give it a try.

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Aloe Vera Health Benefits
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Major Health Benefits Aloe Vera
The main Discovered or believed benefits of Aloe Vera are

1)     To treat acne and other skin problems.
2)     To hydrate body
3)     To cure burn and minor cut marks
4)     To strengthen the stive system
5)     To solve the problem of constipation
6)     To treat hyperacidity
7)     To decrease the thickness of blood
8)     To normalize blood sugar
9)     To treat gum problems
10)  To treat inflammation
11)  As an effective sunscreen
12)  To get Essential nutrients and amino Acids
13)   As a skin moisturizer
14)  To treat ulcers
15)  To treat Joint Pains
16)  Helpful for AIDS patients 

 These are only a few believed benefits of Aloe Vera and there are many other benefits of Aloe Vera. Though, it is important to keep in mind that Aloe Vera is believed to be beneficial in treating all these illnesses and individual experiences of people may vary.

 Note- Aloe Vera intake should be avoided during pregnancy, lactation period, and acute illness.

How to make Aloe Vera juice-

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