Real Face of Begging in India

In its February issue the Top Indian magazine “India Today” Magazine has published a survey about Indian beggars. Mostly, we people have very less authentic data available about the condition of beggars in India; therefore, this survey provides a lot of good information about the conditions of beggars in India and some of its findings are very alarming like the number of graduates and postgraduates beggars are increasing in India. The main points which come out of the survey are-

1) Average income of beggars in Metros is Rs 80.
2) 70% of beggars spend more than Rs 50 per day and 27% send more than Rs 100 in a single day.
3) Most of the beggars in India earn more than daily wagers.
4) Rs 25000 is the average bank balance of beggars in Kolkata.
5) There are more numbers of able body beggars in India than disabled beggars.
6) There are good numbers of beggars with graduate and postgraduate degrees and their number is increasing constantly.
7) 85% of the beggars have no information about the beggar's homes.
8) Rs 180 cr is the worth of Beggars in Mumbai alone.

Source- India Today, Feb 4, 2008 (For full survey Report read “Indian Today”)

Begging has always remained a big problem in Indian society. In past, a number of people and NGOs have tried their best to solve this problem of begging in India, however, most of these initiatives have failed very badly. From this survey, one thing comes out clearly in front of us begging has today become a more serious problem and requires some serious action. However, most of the time, we see more talks on begging problems than anything productive done to solve these problems. To some extent, it looks like we people have accepted to live with this problem. There are many examples available where beggars have earned huge fortunes by begging. Some of the facts like the entry of graduate and postgraduate beggars are really alarming signs and show the increasing reach of begging in India.

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