Equation of Desires and Happiness

Desires, desires, desires------and desires. We are all obsessed with them. If someone asks you a question that how a single human can have so many desires? Then it will be very difficult for you to answer this question because nobody is able to answer this question so far. When one of our desires gets fulfilled then thousand more desires come up instantly. Desires are not bound to anybody. A poor can have them and simultaneously a rich can also have them. Desires are something, which everybody has in abundance. Everyone has their own set of desires. Someone desires money and another for a beautiful wife. Desires are endless. They can be from small trivia to highly expensive things. Now the question comes is that is it good to have a desire or not. Definitely, desires are good and they motivate us to do many things in life. However, the important thing is that they are must in controlled numbers and within one’s achievable limit. Desires provide us with the energy to fulfil our dreams. It gives our goals the motive and direction. One can only fulfil his dreams if he has a desire for them. Desire is the first basic thing to achieve something. All the world leaders who have achieved excellence in their lives have a strong desire for achievement. Desire work as the basic ingredient in fulfilling our dreams. Therefore desires are necessary, as they give direction to our life. However, on the contrary, we are usually overburdened by our desires. We have desires much more than what we can achieve. Most of our desires originate due to the other's achievements or lifestyle. We want to become or look like them. Second, the world is shrinking, making more things within our reach. This whole process is putting more pressure on our decision power. TV and Media are also increasing our desires on daily basis by providing information about newer things. Our friend's and relatives’ achievement also generates more desires in us. All these things make us under more pressure of desires. If we do not control our desires at right time then they can even swallow us. Many people do a lot of mistakes due to these desires, like taking huge loans which are difficult to repay for them. We spend unwisely on irrelevant things. We do not save for our future. These small things if not taken care of can take away our happiness and make us miserable. However few people think about this. On the other hand, most of us go on increasing desires for our whole life. A child is born with no desires, but as, he progresses in life, soon he starts to accommodate a lot of desires. There is nothing bad in increasing desires, but the main problem comes when they remain unfulfilled. The more desires we have, the more the chances of unfulfilled desires. And more the unfulfilled desires, the sadder we are. Therefore we are born as happy children and die as sad human beings. We have to learn this simple principle in life that we can not achieve everything in life. We can only plan our life and try to achieve things wisely. Consider this formula of Happiness-Happiness= Desires fulfilled/desires new generated+ old desires. Happier we will be when the denominator is more and the base is less. We only consider increasing the numerator and not decreasing the denominator. It is not possible in this world to achieve everything; however, it is possible to limit our desires. We can become happy by using the second way of decreasing the base. Therefore by making our desires into control we can become happy.

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