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I am writing this article with great concern for men and women working in marketing field. For them life is not as simple as for us. Life is much faster for them and the main thing is that they have no time to recognize this fact. Now I am sharing the story of Mr. Anad (Changed name).

In early twenties Anad found himself very lucky, when he was offered a job of marketing by a leading pharma company. He was very lucky among his friends to get highest salary. In starting, everything looked very rosy to him.

Within two years of starting his job he became top performer and hot topic for every body’s discussion. He started enjoying all this. His manager always goes on praising him in front of others. Now he was not the same Anad.

He started believing himself, something which is above others. He started believing that he can do any sales at any time. With the achievement of sales he also started getting handsome incentives. He started to live lavishly and joined exclusive clubs, also bought new house and a car.

In meantime five years passed. Still he remains the topper. But things started changing slowly. He was now a married man and had two children’s. Now his income was nearly same what he required. Two more years passed as such.

But things now started to change faster; life started becoming harder for him. Targets were increasing and expenditure of the family was also increasing. Now he was not same Anad who used to spend lavishly. Things were not like past. Competition was becoming more and more tough. Newer and newer challenges were coming every day.

Now the problem with Mr. Anad was that he had not updated himself with new skills. He didn’t know computer and latest innovations. All these challenges slowly started eroding his base. His customers started going away from him. After next two years, actual problems started coming out. His sale targets were much more than his actual performance. To retain his position as performer, he started putting his salary into his work.
He starts losing his savings. He went on doing this thing for next five year. At the end of five year, he was a person with large target and less base. By now, he had nearly lost all his savings. Here started his real test. Achievement of target became nearly impossible. So, he started missing targets, first by 10 %, then by 20% and finally by 50%. Here started his bad days.
Now he was not the same performer for company. Nobody praises him anymore. Friends also started turning away from him. Company’s pressure started coming on him. In the company’s eyes, he becomes parasite. They start humiliating him in the meetings in front of everybody.

All these things were very tough for him. Person, who was once hot topic of everyone, was not liked by anyone any more. His 16 yrs of carrier suddenly become almost zero. It was a very difficult task for him to accept this reality. He became a very irritated person.

One day he was called to the head office. He was humiliated first and then given termination letter by higher authorities. While coming out of the office, he started weeping by remembering his old glories. He had never expected this type of end to his glorious career. When he remembered the faces of his family persons, he started shivering.

He did not know how he will reimburse the tuition fee of his son’s new school. But he will do about the Barbie doll wanted by his daughter. In his thinking, he unconsciously came in middle of the road and got hit by bus. He died on the spot. With him also died a small world.

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