Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Now easily convert your voice into written words with Google Docs for free

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I am very excited to see this new feature of Google docs which makes it very easy for writers to write what they are thinking just by voice command. This feature of Google docs makes writing an article so simple that you find it very easy to write an article. I never thought that one day I will write my article by just speaking on the microphone only. I want to assure you that it is a great fun writing an article with this feature. To do so, I am using the free service of Google docs.

voice typing, Google docs,

 You can also use this service by visiting the Google docs and opening a new document. Then go the Tools tabs and click on voice typing and you will see  a black colored microphone icon  appeared on the left side of the screen.  Click on it (it will become red, the sign of recoding is on) and start talking on the microphone and soon you will realize that the words said by you are automatically appearing on the screen. Initially you may find some difficulties in writing articles through the voice command;  however, with some practice,  you will find it very easy to use for writing an article.
Google Docs, Voice Typing,

 I have written this article with the help of voice typing and made some minor corrections. I found it very useful and easy. I do hope that  you too find this feature very helpful.  Every day many thoughts come and go into my mind and some of these thoughts are so interesting that I wanted to write about them,  however, due to long typing sometime I am unable to write about many of  these  thoughts. Now I hope that I will never miss any of my thoughts  and my speed of  writing will also  improve.

You can also change the language to write in your local language. Simply click on the language shown over the microphone and you will get the option to select more languages. From this list, you can select the language of your choice. Overall, it is wonderful and free solution for the writers which is available free of the cost for all the writers of the world.

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