Thursday, July 07, 2016

Easy Goals give Small Returns but Tough Goals give higher returns


We all have some goals in life which we want to achieve. However, many people never reach their goals because they stop in between somewhere working on their goals. We can only reach our goals when day and night we keep on working towards our goals. Some people have easy goals in life and some have tough goals. Therefore, people with easy goals reach their destination first and people with tough goals need more time and hard work.

Sometimes, we see the people with easy goals, achieving their goals and become jealous of their achievements. We start believing that they are better than us because they succeeded in achieving their goals. However, we forget the main point that their goals were not as hard as our goals.  Moreover, easy goals results in small returns while hard or higher goals give much higher returns. Therefore, you should remain focused on your goals and put all efforts to achieve them.

If you are facing difficulties in accomplishing your goals, then do remember that your goals are tough and you need more hard efforts to achieve them. And also remember that your goals are special ones and they are going to provide you much higher returns as compared to others. When you have clarity on this matter, then only you can work to achieve your harder goals which will guarantee you higher returns.

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