Wednesday, March 18, 2015

To Live in the Company of Wicked persons is to live in a Hell

Wicked, Person, Comoany
This Statement by Chanakya is very correct that to live in the company of the wicked is to live in a Hell. We can define a wicked person as a person who only thinks about himself and his speech and actions are very harsh in nature.

A wicked never understand the point view of a good person and always tries to spoil his happiness. If we think that we can change a wicked person then the chances are very less. Wicked people are highly egoist people always absorbed in making others life difficult.

A wicked can also be represented by a parasite who takes shelter in your body and also absorbs your blood and weakens you. The only way to solve this problem is moving away from the wicked as far as you can. A Wicked wants everyone to do what he thinks is right or he enjoys.

Our world is full of such wicked people who have only major concern to make the lives of others more difficult. All people who are presently in the company of a wicked must be experiencing hell in this world.

Sometimes, in life we go through times when we have no option what to live with a wicked person and it's become very hard for us to cross this time because the wicked person make every effort to make our life miserable.

However, you can take this time as a learning lesson in life. When life gives an opportunity to move away from such a wicked person or people, then one should never miss this opportunity because only option available to you is to move away as wicked person will never change.

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