Sunday, February 08, 2015

Corporate Looks for Men and Women (Tips)

If you work in a corporate sector or handle corporate clients then here are a few tips for you to look sensible and create a lasting impression. These are tips about the makeup, jewelry, nails for women and about the dress, hairs and accessories for the men. Good and sensible looks provide an advantage in corporate environments.

Corporate Looks Tips for Women

About Make up- Make up plays an essential part in the increasing beauty of a woman. However, sometimes women overdo makeup or choose a make style which doesn't suit them, thus creating a bad impression. Therefore, your makeup should complement your overall polished look and skin tone. The subtle look is “in” for the corporate women.
About Jewellery- Jewellery and women are made for each other and both complement each other. While for the corporate look women should use jewelry for the final touch that completes her professional look. It is important to accessorize yourself as a businesswoman, not as a bride.
About Nails- Those people who know women well, they know how passionate women are about their nail and their looks. Nails have the power to increase the beauty of a woman many times. While making a presentation, clients really don’t want to see unclean nails or garish nail polishes. Avoid

Corporate Looks Tips for Men

About Dress- Suits are most suited for the corporate meetings, but one should avoid green, pink, or red suits. It is important to dress up by keeping your body-type in mind. Body odor is one major problem faced by men, so always keep a deodorant handy and smell good.
About Hair- As nails play important role in women beauty so Hair play role in men beauty. For men, haircuts should be neat and short. They should avoid sliding your hands over and over again through the hair.
About Accessories- Men should Stylish and silk ties in various patterns to look attractive. They should also invest in good shoes and cufflinks. Wearing garish jewelry at work is non-acceptable in the corporate world.

By following these few tips, men and women can make a good impression in the corporate world. 

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