Tuesday, January 27, 2015

When you run behind things, they will run away from you

Every person makes a wrong decision in life to run behind things which he wants desperately. However, often this thing causes a negative effect and the things start moving further away from us. Then, we think what is going wrong, why things move further away when we move closer to them.

The answer is simple, life moves in this way. When we run behind things, then they move further away from us. However, most of us learn this open secret after so many failed chases. On the reverse, when we stop running behind things or stop expecting and instead work on our actions only, then soon everything starts falling in the right order.

Therefore, why to waste so much energy in running behind people, things and situations. Just do your action and live a free life without a chase or expectation. This thing doesn't guarantee that others will start chasing us, but one thing is sure that we will enjoy a great peace of mind and everyone loves a person who has a peaceful mind.

Instead of chasing things or people in life, we should become so strong that people or things start chasing us or at least try to find us.

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