Friday, August 02, 2013

Download Free Kindle Book “Hidden Story of Begging Business in India” for Next Five Day

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Today, I made available my book “Hidden Story of Begging Business in India" on Kindle store. As a promotion, I have made this book free for next five days so that it can reach maximum numbers of people. This book will available free from 3rd Aug to 7th Aug, 2013 (US Time). This book is about numerous untold and hidden stories behind the begging business in India. The main agenda of book is a highlight widespread crime present begging and how many children gets exploited in it. This book contains numbers of my real experiences with beggars at different part of India.

 Today, we can find beggars at every part of India and there numbers of only increasing because of easy and good money involved in whole process. It is very easy to find graduates and postgraduate beggars in India. Many beggars have millions of rupees in their bank accounts. On the other hand, millions of innocent and poor farmer are dying across India.

From all this, we can easily learn how begging has become a business for many people in India. With the involvement of good money in begging, crime has also entered deeply in to begging. People and children are made artificially handicapped by criminals to get more money from begging. However, large numbers of people do not have any idea about all this and they see beggars as most innocent beings on earth. My aim of writing this book is to highlight this whole issue present in our society.

 I will appreciate to get your reviews and feedback on this book so that I can improve this book further. To Download Free Book Click Here

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