Thursday, October 14, 2010

Carrying memories of life

Sometime, I consider myself as only a collection of few memories and to some extent I am because these memories and experiences have great role in making what I am today. If any how I lose my memory then this world will become a complete blank for me. Therefore, we can say that memories are great part of our existence and we are nothing if we do not have these memories. Like me every person in this world has collection of many memories in his mind and due to which we all behave, think and react.

Today, some people whom I believe as my friends because I have sweet memories related with them while there are others whom I believe as my enemies because I remember only hateful memories or experiences associated with them. Sometime, I think that if I lose my memory then I will be unable to make difference between friends and enemies and all people of world will look same to me. From this conclusion, we can even blame our memories for this hate and crime around us. Today, our most of the world is in bad state because we are only able to remember bad things related to it.

One day, we all will leave our memories here in this world and become one with the supreme existence where we will not have bondage of our memories and good or bad experiences. Though, most of us may never realise this fact. It is important for us to not becoming the slave of our memories, whatever they are good or bad. Our existence is only for the enjoyment of present moment and not carrying the burden of old and rotten memories.

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