Friday, June 05, 2009

Trend of LPG fuelled Cars

Today, it has become a common trend to see the launch of LPG dual fuel version of famous car models in India. The main reason behind this trend is increasing acceptability and demand of such cars. Many car companies in India want to offer Indian people cars which they can drive at very low cost. LPG fuelled cars offer this solution in the hands of Car manufactures. Therefore, all leading car manufacturers are offering dual fuel cars which people can drive with both LPG and Petrol.

With LPG fuel, it cost Rs 2 to Rs 2.5 per kilometre as compared to Rs 3.5 to Rs 5 per Kilometre with petrol. Therefore, people can hope to see 30% to 50% decrease in their fuel cost by opting for LPG fuelled cars. However, problem with LPG fuel is that it’s price is increasing constantly thus decreasing it competitive edge over petrol whereas CNG fuel offer a much better offer over petrol and LPG because of its cheap cost.

Any CNG fuelled car can drive us for just Rs 1.5 per kilometre, thus making it most economical fuel option available in the hands of people. However, problem with CNG fuel is that it is not available in most parts of India. Therefore, it is not possible for car manufacturers to offer CNG fuelled cars in market. On the other hand, LPG fuel is easily available as compared to CNG fuel in most parts of India, thus it become feasible for car manufacturers to offer dual fuel vehicles which runs on both LPG and Petrol. Despite increase in price of LPG in past, people can save good money by driving cars running on LPG fuel and we can see more availability of such models in Market.

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