Monday, March 09, 2009

How to get free domain name?

Today, we all live in an online world where we our dependence on domain names is very high. We can easily find billions of domain names around us offering number of solutions. Every domain name is made up of few words and followed by extensions like .com, .in, .us, .biz, .info etc. People can easily buy these domain names for $ 3 to $ 15 depending on the prevailing rate of particular extension they are buying. However, buying a domain for free of cost is almost difficult.

Recently, came with a unique project to provide free extension domain names to all people across the world. In this way, becomes first domain extension available for free of cost. People can easily register two free domain names from this website and by donating as little as $ 10 people can register 100 more domain names. Therefore, we can say that any person can get 102 domain names by spending only $10 for which we most get a single domain name.

Already, this service has become very popular and lot of people have started using this service. Company also says that this service will remain free in future. People can also easily integrate this service with popular services like blogger and google applications (tutorial is available in the FAQ page on this site). After getting this free domain name option, we can hope to get many such options in future which will also offer free domain names to us. I request people, who have used this service to write their feedbacks in comment sections.

Get free domain name

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